Geschreven door Iren Nooren op Saturday 7 February 2009

Raffinaderij Isla op Curacao mag van mij sluiten

isla raffinaderij curacao

fotografie raffinaderij Isla op Curacao © Memento Vivi

Onderstaand bericht ontving ik vandaag per e-mail:

“Close Refineria Isla (Curacao) BV in 2019
Curacao’s refinery, Refineria Isla (Curacao) BV, is the largest polluter of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the largest single polluter in Curaçao and probably the biggest polluter in the European Common Market.
The Close Refineria Isla (Curacao) BV in 2019 petition to Parliament EEG, Governments of the Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and Curacao was written by Andrés Casimiri and approved by the Board of MSi (Movementu Solushon Isla). It is hosted free of charge at GoPetition. Please sign our Close Refineria Isla (Curacao) BV in 2019 petition

Ik heb de petitie al getekend en hoop dat jij dat ook doet!
Zorg dat Curacao schoner en nog mooier wordt.

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